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Horse Oil Body Cream Moisturizing

Horse Oil Body Cream Moisturizing

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【Contains naturally derived moisturizing ingredients】
Contains horse oil manufactured and controlled in Japan and natural hot spring water from the Hakone area.

【Skin cream for the whole body】
It can be used not only for hands and feet, but also for moisturizing the skin to the face before makeup to condition the moisture.

【Uses safe quality horse oil】
Since horse oil has properties similar to those of human sebum, it is highly permeable and moisturizes the entire skin, preventing skin from drying out. You can expect changes not only in skin care but also in the application of makeup. In order to ensure safe and reliable use, we use horse oil that has passed the quality standards in Japan.

【Natural hot spring water】
We use natural hot spring water pumped up from 460m underground in the Hakone area, which is said to be clear and colorless, and is known for its beautiful skin. The sodium chloride spring water is soft and gentle on the skin, and is described as a natural hot spring popular among women for its skin-beautifying properties.

Refreshing cherry blossom aroma, Contents 200g per 1pc, Made in Japan


Horse Oil


1pc: H7.87× W3.15Inches

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