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Transform Robot Dolphin Figurine Animal Toy

Transform Robot Dolphin Figurine Animal Toy

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【The most popular transforming robot!】
Everyone's favorite "dolphin" has transformed into a transforming robot! The transformation of the dolphin carobo is sure to excite you!

【Just like the real thing!】
Every detail of the dolphin has been realistically reproduced. The realistic modeling makes it fun to look at and cool to display as a 3D puzzle toy!

【Learn while you play】
When transforming the robot, the children play while drawing a story. By thinking and playing on their own, children acquire the skills necessary for independence. Also, the use of the fingertips stimulates the nervous system and has a positive effect on brain development. It is also recommended as a tool for communication with friends.

【Gift or present】
This product comes in blister packaging. It is ideal not only for yourself, but also as a gift or present for those who love marine life.

【JAPAN Products】
Japan Limited 
Designed in JAPAN / Made in China




H5.43 × W3.14 Inches

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