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Yosegi Wooden Puzzle Box Japanese Secret Box Medium Size

Yosegi Wooden Puzzle Box Japanese Secret Box Medium Size

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Steps, degree of difficulty★

【Traditional Crafts of Hakone】
Marquetry, which originated in Hakone during the Edo period, is a unique craft with precise geometric patterns that is unparalleled in the world. In 1984, it was designated as a "traditional handicraft of Japan.

【Traditional Technology Secret Box】
A secret box is a woodwork box with a mechanism in which the lid cannot be opened unless the sides of the box are moved in small increments in sequence. The more times you slide the mechanism, the more difficult it becomes to open. The first secret box is said to have been invented by Ryugoro Okawa, a Hakone cabinetmaker in the Edo period.

【Hakone Marquetry Popular Overseas】
Products with "uniqueness" and "individuality," such as the parquet Himitsubako, are highly valued overseas. In addition, the careful craftsmanship that Hakone craftsmen have preserved from long ago is characterized by precision, high quality, and durability, making them long-lasting, and the high quality that is uniquely Japanese is highly appreciated worldwide and greatly appreciated.

【For a special present】
The delicate techniques and careful craftsmanship that are uniquely Japanese in value and traditional handicrafts make them ideal for special gifts for family and friends.

【JAPAN Products】Made in Hakone JAPAN

This product is medium size.
10★★★  : The number of times the box must be opened is 10, and the degree of difficulty is 3.
12★★★★ : The number of times the box has to be opened is 12, and the degree of difficulty is 4.




W3.31 × H1.89 × D4.65 Inches

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How to make Yosegi ーWooden Mosaic Craft HAKONE JAPANー